Sustainable Process Solution

Sustainable Process Solution/Environmental consultancy

Inefficient industrial processes often consume more energy than they should and consequently are less environmentally friendly and restrict profitability. Simultaneously, truly environmentally promising processes can often be underexploited because environmental claims are not appropriately demonstrated or validated.

Exergy are able to monitor and properly analyse and improve the efficiency of industrial processes. And where a process has potentially advantageous environmental credentials, perform exergy analysis/LCA to demonstrate and validate the environmental credentials.

Energy Efficiency Strategies

Energy Efficiency Strategies

Exergy implements best practices, technologies and methods to minimise energy consumption in a large variety of industrial processes

Monitoring systems

Engineering Support

From concept design to scale-up and commercialisation of industrial biotechnology, biorefining and circular projects.

Life Cycle Assessment

Exergy Analysis

Exergy analysis is performed to use energy more efficiently. A method for analysing the impacts of products and services.