Renewable Energy Sector

NEMA Building

NEMA Building, Kaduna-Nigeria

This 25 kWp off grid PV system consists of 100 x 250Wp solar photovoltaic modules and has been installed on the NEMA building in Kaduna, Nigeria. Exergy has been commissioned to design, supply and project manage this installation.

EC Building

ec building case study

This one KWP installation is a project in partnership with Coventry University to better understand the components that make up an off grid PV system. Exergy designed, supplied and installed the equipment and will undertake testing to understand how to make the system more efficient for the end user.

George Eliot Building

The George Eliot Building is situated in Coventry UK and is part of the Coventry University district. As can be seen, this BIM model was created accurately in Autodesk Revit, providing intelligent data to run energy analysis and simulations.

Vantage Point

Vantage Point

In collaboration with the Black Country Housing Group, Exergy has been invited to design a solar PV system for a curved-roof care home development, located in Birmingham, UK. This 143kWp system consists of 551 x 260Wp solar modules be installed flat to the roof to maximise the space available.

Portable container

portable container icon

This 2.7 KW off grid PV system is a unique design with a folding mounting structure for the solar panels. Generated electricity will assist the pre-cultivation of forest regeneration materials in a zero-impact and cost friendly environment. The container can be transported for use in other countries.

Gasification Plant

Gasification Plant (Luxembourg)

This 2MW gasifier is part of a combined heat and power plant in Luxembourg. The system is designed to process a mixture of sewerage sludge and green waste but the plant was also simulated and optimised for the production of synthesis gas for use as feed stock in diesel and synthetic natural gas (SNG) production.

Telford Care Home

Telford Care Home

In collaboration with the Accord Group, Exergy has designed and costed for flat roof mounted solar PV system for a care home in Birmingham, UK. This 40kWp system consists of 160 x 250Wp solar modules be installed using specially designed mounting structure for this type of roof.

Richard Crossman Building

Exergy has delivered a feasibility report on a 75 Kw Solar PV-Rooftop system. The PV system is grid-connected with estimated CO2 savings of 41,059kg/year and an estimated ROI within 8 years.