Wireless Sensor Networks

Wireless monitoring system

At Exergy, we aim to provide the most useful Wireless Sensor Networks based devices following the standard IEE 802.15.4  in order to bring quick-to-market, optimisation of price costs, external sensor capabilities to end-users what includes a wide range of products from Mote Modules, Sensor boards, Interface Modules to Network Infrastructures.

Diverse features take place throughout our devices such a scalability to large scale of deployment, usability, unattended operations, low cost among others. Our products come in a different kind of formats, depending on the customer’s needs in range, bandwidth and economy.

Hence, we offer quick prototyping, Radio and Networking Research as well as Wireless Sensor Network deployments. Our products are well designed in order to provide an easy management of the monitoring systems since mostly of them are based on the original open-source “TelosB” platform which facilitate advanced experimentation for the research domain.

The monitoring is done by a really useful software platform called Concordia which is a powerful, ease of use and cost-effective monitoring platform in which the client could get what he wants in the way which he wants. Providing customized user interface, reports, scalable database, third party data integration and even a cloud/local versions of it among other features.