Solar PV Glass

BIPV (Building integrated photovoltaics) modules are panes of glass with built-in photovoltaic cells that are embedded between two sheets of glass. Their function is a revolutionary innovation for glass because it significantly improves a building's economic and ecological balance, since BIPV modules allow glass solutions to generate energy using photovoltaic technologies. BIPV modules can be integrated into a building in various forms, e.g. in facades, canopies, sunshades or balustrades.


  • Using Solar PV Cells in building facades and rooflight systems can result in an economical use of solar energy and creative architectural design.
  • True Environmental Responsiveness“New Energy + Energy Savings” Dual functions of New Energy ( Electric power generation) and Energy Savings ( reduction of Air Conditioning/Lighting loads ) greatly reduce overall energy costs. TSS is effective in curbing the generation of CO2, and enhances the value of your building as an environmentally friendly facility.
  • Futuristic Comfort “See-Through” Solar PV glass provides a space that distributes daylight comfortably. It changes the sun fs rays into delicately diffused light by transmitting light moderately,and reduces intrusion of heat from the sunall this while maintaining exterior views. Multifunctional, effective, comfortable seethrough glass.
  • Assured safety “UV Cut + Shatterproof” UV rays, which are hazardous to the human body as well as interior furnishings, will be cut almost completely. Moreover, Solar PV glass boasts shatterproof performance against incoming objects and high penetrability resistance from all types of impact.


1. Best Transparent BIPV Solar Panel 
2. 50watt to 800watt 
3. Can make different watt & size 
4. Good Price, Delivery Time

Dimension of BIPV: 1000 X 1700mm
Solar Cell: (6 X 12)72pcs, 125 X 125mm Monocrystal
Peak Power(Pm): 180W
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp): 36.50V
Maximum Power Current(Imp): 4.93A
Open circuit Voltatge(VOC): 44.70V
Short Circuit Current(ISC): 5.23A
Transparence: 40%
Glass Thickness: 4mm + PVB + cell + PVB + 4mm
Thickness of Module: 10mm+/-1mm
Weight: 45kgs

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