Industrial Monitoring systems

Industrial monitoring system

Exergy offer monitoring & control products and solutions that improve process, services and management in areas such as energy, agriculture and environment in a global marketplace. Monitoring solutions for efficient management of grid and its components include:

  • Energy Efficiency in Buildings: The aim is to monitoring different features such as electrical values, water consumption and environment measures in order to reduce the invoice a being responsible about environment.
  • Measurement of electricity consumption in commercial and residential buildings: Due to there are a lot of signals which can be received, our monitoring devices can integrate it in order to offer the information in a simple way. Therefore the client will be grateful for reducing the electricity consumption because our products.
  • Solar PV plants monitoring: All of this systems need to be monitored in order to detect breakdown and optimize their operation.
  • Smart Water grid management: It monitors solutions for efficient management of the water distribution network and its components including water quality, water distribution and water usage.
  • Air Quality Monitoring: As the importance of air pollution, we offer solutions for distributed air quality monitoring both at industrial zones and inhabited areas. Some capabilities are: monitoring gas levels in industrial plants, Odor detection in inhabited areas close to industrial parks and online real-time air pollution monitoring in cities.
  • Remote Monitoring and Management: Supervision and Maintenance on these locations by wireless system will offer you a comfortable way to work as well as reduction cost because of the replacements of devices which are more expensive and more complex than the controllers which we offer.

We have a wide range of remote communication controller interfaces as well as local interfaces which provide an improvement of speed and ease of installation, namely a saving in terms of remote monitoring systems life cycle.

The specifications of our devices could help the costumer in order to achieve his needs. Some of those are: remote communication via Ethernet or GSM/GPRS ; different number of inputs/outputs and some extras such a battery charger.