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Helping businesses benefit from solar energy to reduce electricity costs.
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Exergy Ltd in partnership with REI (Renewable Energy Investments)

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Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

  • No capital investment required
  • Fully funded solar PV system for your building
  • Enjoy reduced electricity bills for 20 years
  • Free monitoring, maintenance and insurance of the PV system
  • After 20 years, ownership of the system is transferred to you

Exergy are partners of REI who fund, develop, monitor and manage commercial solar PV projects across the UK.

Through REI we help businesses achieve long-term reductions to their ever increasing electricity costs by enabling them to generate their own clean, green electricity from solar energy, without any requirement for capital investment.

Check out the 'REI: Utilising solar energy to save money' presentation

How it works:

    1. You agree to lease the airspace above your roof for 20 years.

    2. We install a solar PV system onto your roof, free of charge*

    3. REI monitor, maintain and insure the system for 20 years, at no cost to you

*Our partner, REI receive a payment from the Government under the Feed-in Tariff Scheme, while Exergy will carry out the installation

How you benefit

Businesses can choose from one of two funding schemes, ‘PPA’ or ‘FPPA’.

Funding option Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Forward Power Purchase Agreement (FPPA)
Client payment Zero A one-off payment to forward purchase solar electricity
Solar PV electricity Tariff Typically 50% of your current electricity tariff for 20 years and free thereafter Free for the lifetime of the system
Monitoring, maintenance & insurance Free of charge for 20 years Free of charge for 20 years
Return on investment n/a c. 20%

Exergy will work with you to assess your current electricity usage and see how we can offer the best savings possible based on the roof space available. We will then calculate the PPA for you based on this specific information and arrange the installation of the PV system.

The system is fully funded by our partner, REI, so you can relax and enjoy the savings from the PV system and pay a reduced cost for your electricity for a period of 20 years.

This is the perfect alternative for you if the upfront capital costs for a PV system are a restricting you from carrying out the installation.


Typical funding scheme returns

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