Free Commercial Solar PV - FAQ

Q: There is a legal charge on the property. Do I have to tell the bank and will they approve the installation?

Yes, you must consult with any lender who has a legal charge over the property before agreeing to install a solar PV system, but in our experience most lenders are becoming familiar with the installation of these systems and understand what’s involved. We can deal with this on your behalf.

Q: What happens if we sell our property?

If you sell your property after installing a solar PV system within the 20-year term, the lease of the roof space is transferred to the new landlord automatically. REI will sign a new Solar Power Purchase Agreement with the new owner in order that they may then continue to enjoy the benefits of the discounted, clean, green electricity it generates.

Q: How will this system affect my insurance costs & cover?

REI insures the solar PV equipment itself. The system installation should not affect your building insurance cover.

However you will need to notify your insurer that you are having the system installed.

Q: How can I be sure that we will be charged accurately for the solar electricity we use?

Our remote monitoring meters are fully accredited (MID Class 1 & Ofgem approved) products that accurately record consumption. Our clients have access to their own live generation data so they can see what solar PV electricity has been generated and how much has been consumed on site. Your grid consumption is also recorded.

Q: Does my building need to meet a certain energy efficiency requirement?

Yes. Normally your building must achieve an Energy Performance Rating of D or higher in order for REI to claim the Feed-in Tariff. The solar PV system we propose can be included in this assessment, so even if you have a rating of E or lower at present, a solar PV system may help bring you up to a D rating. Should you require an EPC assessment, we will be able to arrange this for you.

By 2018 it will be illegal to lease a property with a rating lower than E, so we recommend all property owners start to consider how they can improve the performance of their buildings and a solar PV system may be one such improvement.

Q: What happens if the system breaks down or develops a fault?

Our remote monitoring equipment will alert us to a fault immediately and it is our responsibility to resolve the problem under the terms of the lease. To minimise the risk of any such issues, we only specify and install high quality equipment supported by long term warranties and guarantees.

Q: If I wish to re-develop my building can I break the lease and have the system removed?

It is permitted to break the lease during the course of the 20 year term, subject to the repayment of an agreed value; details of which are calculated on an individual basis for each property and are included in each lease.

Q: What happens if we need to repair our roof during the term of the lease?

If your repair necessitates the removal of part or all of the solar PV system, we will undertake the removal and reinstatement at our cost. The repair work to your roof is undertaken by you at your expense.

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