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Galileo’s Eye has brought us together: Exergy – Solberg USA

Big Steps are being taken to reach up to 75% Exergy Efficiency through the sustainability performance rating methodology


Exergy Ltd and Solberg Eng. have been working together for the past two years in the development and testing of the successful Galileo’s Eye methodology, an exergy based technology that allows the optimisation of actual scarce resource and actual emissions.

“We found each other doing research on the same topic, our ideas were based on the same precepts, and aiming towards similar goals. For the past two years, we have developed interesting ideas and projects together. Now, we think it is time to strengthen the efforts with the ultimate goal of empowering businesses or communities to reach up to 75% Exergy Efficiency through disruptive and holistic solutions in the USA”, said Fernando Centeno, Exergy Ltd.

The methodology has already proven its effectiveness with more than 73% of savings in water use and 39% savings in fossil use in a group of facilities in Minnesota. In Colombia, the methodology was also applied in the waste treatment facilities of the Medellin City allowing the identification of the most feasible strategies for the waste management expecting an increase in the Exergy Efficiency of 39% compared to the base case scenario. In Europe, Galileo’s Eye is being applied in different scenarios and projects that aim to reduce the environmental impact and improve the use of scarce resources.

“The Global situation is interesting, we believe that more innovative solutions are needed to face the challenge of the climate change. In the USA, for example, under the framework of the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment ACUPCC with over 650 schools members, it is evidenced the need for integrated technologies that help fulfil their commitment to take immediate actions to reduce greenhouse emissions, and develop and implement a plan to go climate neutral”, said Dave Solberg, Solberg Eng.

The Collaborative Mission was constituted in January 2017 offering specialized services for the North American Market.