Cranfield Meeting

Exergy meeting with Cranfield University and HEL Group to discuss turning CO2 into useful industry products

On the morning of Thursday 20th April, the engineer Rocio Roldan from Exergy Ltd and Dr. Zhaorong Huang, from Cranfield University along with Andrew Coleman and Jasbir Singh, from HEL Group developed a meeting with the aim to create a collaboration in catalyst and chemical engineering areas. Different approaches for the capture and transformation of […]

M2 Meeting

Exergy progresses towards turning Agri-food waste into electrical energy through the latest MFC activity

In this present project, we look at how to turn agri-food waste into electricity by the use of Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs). MFCs have attracted a lot of attention in the past decade as innovative renewable and carbon-neutral bio-electrochemical devices, capable of generating energy from wastewater (WW) effluents through the action of electroactive microorganisms. In […]

GA Meeting Blur 2

Progression of the AgriMax Project in the recycling of Agri-food waste.

2nd General Assembly of AgriMax project held in Delft on March 2nd The partners of the AgriMax project attended the 2nd General Assembly, which took place at the facilities of Bio-process Pilot Facility (BPF), one of the consortium partners involved in the design and engineering of the pilot plants in the project. During the meeting, […]

Trigen 1

TRIGEN will allow the implementation of more compact, cost-efficient trigeneration systems

Trigeneration systems combine the production of electricity, heat and cooling in one process, however, the challenge for the trigeneration systems is to accomplish the three “trilemma” targets: cost reduction, reduction of emissions, and security of supply. In order to address these challenges, TRIGEN, project sponsored by Innovate UK, will focus upon the development of a […]

Technical meeting 2

First technical meeting of the Agrimax project in Parma, Italy (January 26th- 27th 2017)

The AgriMax project (BBI.VC3.D5-2015), where Exergy is leader of the WP2 “Set up of the flexible pilot plants for processing waste-derived biocompounds”, has developed its first technical meeting in Parma (Italy), hosted in the facilities of the consortium partner SSICA. During the meeting, the different activities developed so far were presented and the next actions […]

Steering Committee2

AgroCycle Steering Committee Meeting – Thessaloniki, Greece

Agrocycle Steering Committee has been held in January 17th in Thessaloniki, Greece The meeting was hosted in the facilities of the Centre for Research & Technology (CERTH), one of the consortium partners and leader of the WP1 and WP4 (Agricultural waste value chain and Agricultural and wastewater exploitation & treatment, respectively). The meeting started with […]

exergy_images_resources_Artboard 17

Galileo’s Eye has brought us together: Exergy – Solberg USA

Big Steps are being taken to reach up to 75% Exergy Efficiency through the sustainability performance rating methodology   Exergy Ltd and Solberg Eng. have been working together for the past two years in the development and testing of the successful Galileo’s Eye methodology, an exergy based technology that allows the optimisation of actual scarce […]


Exergy presenting the Waste2Energy initiative at the First Non-Conventional Renewable Energies Forum in Barranquilla, Colombia

Yesterday Fernando Centeno, Head of Research Planning at Exergy presented #waste2energy Medellin. Colombia is moving towards non-conventional renewable energy sources. According to the Chamber of Large Consumers of Energy and Gas- ANDI (National association of businessmen of Colombia), 56% of the large energy consumers are interested in energy self-generation schemes with non-conventional renewable sources. Exergy […]


Exergy are in Colombia for the Waste2Energy Medellin project.

Exergy team is in Colombia. From Nov 21 to December 2, Fernando Centeno, Francesco Martinelli, Dave Solberg, and Gustavo Martinez are in Medellin presenting the results of our project Waste2Energy Medellin in cooperation with the British Embassy in Colombia, Ruta N, and the two R&D organisations CIDET and University EIA. During the visit, the team […]

Sheffield IMG_20161116_140949

Exergy meets with Sheffield University for collaboration in pyrolysis area

An initial meeting has been held between Exergy’s engineers, Jose Molto and Rocio Roldan, and Dr Yajue Wu and Professor Jim Swithenbank from Sheffield University with the aim to discuss and prepare an initial collaboration between both entities in the area of pyrolysis of biomass. During the meeting, different critical aspects were discussed in order […]