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Exergy present feasible and cost-effective solutions to produce bioelectricity through microbial fuel cells at the latest Agrocycle Project meeting

On October 18th, the Agrocycle General Assembly took place in Brussels at the EUBIA’s facilities. The project, which is reaching  18th months, is addressing a wide range of valorisation pathways for agriculture using a circular economy approach, including bio-fuels, high value-added biopolymers, wastewater treatment and microbial fuel cells, among others. For this project, Exergy is […]


Global Engagement Meeting held on 4 – 6 October in Bogotá, Colombia.

This meeting involved bringing together developing countries and UK researchers and representatives from other organisations to collaborate and forge networks. It was a great chance to discuss opportunities for maximising the contribution of Global Challenge Research Fund (GCRF) and Newton Fund research into policy and practice. GCRF belongs to the Research Councils UK (RCUK), and […]


Polish Bioeconomy study visit at Embassy in Brussels

On 17 & 18 October, Exergy participated in the Study Visit “Polish excellence for sustainable development of Bioeconomy in Europe”. The event, organised by Bio-NCPs (National Contact Points), provided a platform for key Polish bioeconomy actors from academia and industry to present the potential of Polish bioeconomy stakeholders and to showcase some successful H2020 and BBI […]


Construction Fair 2017 – “The era for digitalisation and sustainability”

SENA Construction Fair, held on October 4th-6th, in Medellin Colombia. Colleagues, Gozde Unkaya and Felipe Maya participated as main speakers and covered topics such as the visions of sustainability and digitalisation in Smart Cities and the recent developments in the field of BIM for a range of sectors. The event was attended by a number […]

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ECOBULK- Rethinking and demonstrating circular models for bulky products

ECOBULK is an ambitious project which aims to implement a new circular economy model for composite products in automotive, furniture and building component industrial sectors with high potential of cross-sectorial replicability and transferability by directly addressing and demonstrating key stages along the entire circular chain, from design to waste stream management.   The methodology will […]

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GEOCOND – Advanced materials and processes to improve the performance and cost-efficiency of Shallow Geothermal systems and Underground Thermal Storage

Shallow geothermal energy systems (SGES) are a stable, reliable and renewable energy source with some key features compared to many other resources. However, its implementation at large scale presents some challenges, considering the high upfront capital needed compared to other solutions such as gas or other fossil technologies, the low awareness, and the diverse and […]


Introducing PERCAL, From MSW to High Valued Chemical Products

PERCAL is a European Project that focuses on the valorisation of the greatest potential of carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids from the organic fractions of municipal solid waste (MSW). Through PERCAL, 85% of carbohydrates will be converted into fermentable sugars and subsequently transformed into marketable products. Additionally, PERCAL aims to treat 600 g/kg of the dry […]

Turning Waste into new, useful, bio-products. Exergy are proud to be part of the innovative URBIOFIN project.

The URBIOFIN project (“Demonstration of an integrated innovative biorefinery for the transformation of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) into new BioBased products”) has officially started. On June 12th and 13th, IMECAL hosted the kick-off meeting of the innovative URBIOFIN project. The meeting began with an introduction of all the partners and WPs as well the short […]

ValueMag KOM

Kick Off Meeting for the innovative ValueMag Project

Exergy Ltd was delighted to attend the kick-off meeting of a new BBI (R09 2016) project in the Sustainable Process department. The VALUEMAG project, supported by the Bio-based Industries (BBI) Joint-Undertaking (JU), officially started with its kick-off meeting held in Athens on April 26th. VALUEMAG, acronym of Valuable Products from Algae Using New Magnetic Cultivation […]

Cranfield Meeting

Exergy meeting with Cranfield University and HEL Group to discuss turning CO2 into useful industry products

On the morning of Thursday 20th April, the engineer Rocio Roldan from Exergy Ltd and Dr. Zhaorong Huang, from Cranfield University along with Andrew Coleman and Jasbir Singh, from HEL Group developed a meeting with the aim to create a collaboration in catalyst and chemical engineering areas. Different approaches for the capture and transformation of […]